The Sapiosexual Tuck Away: All Day Breakfast In Bed

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Here goes my first food review for the year, Ramon and I have been following a food blog that showcased the different eating spots here in Mandaluyong. Our seventh stop is All Day Breakfast in Bed which is located at California Garden Square, Domingo M. Guevara Street and is open 24/7.

The theme is obviously, breakfast 24/7. They offer a variety of choices from rice meals, sandwiches, pancakes, pasta, and other traditional pinoy breakfast like champorado with tuyo.

It's interior is really cute and the vibe is cozy, they incorporated headboards to go with the bed-theme, giving the customers the feel of eating in bed. The place is really neat and not crowded (or is it just because of the time we went there). They also have really fluffy chairs plus their placemats look like bed sheets. 

What we ordered? I had an eggs benedict which unfortunately didn't satisfy me. Not becasr of the portion but the bread is quite dry and something's missing from the flavor it should have. Mon had their spam rice meal which comes with garlic rice, two eggs and atchara (that didn't came), nothing special just the typical breakfast combination, who doesn't like spam? We were supposed to order desserts, unfortunately everything in their sweets category weren't available. So we ended up ordering pancakes, fave breakfast of all time, chocolate chips to be specific which comes with scrambled egg. We LOVE their pancakes one of the best I had (not sure with Mon), the chocolate chips were actually dark chocolates and the texture of the pancake itself is really fluffy and not dry. We were quite full, bit it didn't stop us from munching on the scrambled egg which was actually good it had a different flavor not just the usual scrambled egg.

The experience in a whole is good, the service is good. All staffs are very accommodating and polite (leave them some tip when you visit). Price range starts at Php 60- Php 160 for the meals and Php 30- Php 120 for the drinks.

So if you're looking for a new place to try pay them a visit!

Have you been there? I'd love to hear about your experience! :-)

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