Keepin' It Cash

3:00 AM

For my last look, my typical go-to outfit - shirt and shorts. I've had a habit of buying clothes that are too big for my size usually thrice my size and I love it. This would actually be the last time I'd do that because I'm learning about accentuating my body shape more. What I love about this top is what's printed on it, the word 'black' on a plain white canvas. It is obviously ironic, but I really love the vibe it gave me (yes I get vibes from clothes). My mom owns this top now. I paired it with a black faux leather shorts and high-based sneakers (which I really need to be wearing more cause I've only worn it once and my dad's not liking it since I begged him to buy it).

This is the last from my pre-debut shoot, my goal was really show the different styles I love. I hope you guys (if anyone's reading this) liked my recent posts, and thank you for reading!!!!!!

How I wish my legs still look like this, but after the accident I had earlier this year it doesn't. :(

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