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This month's theme from #BeTheBestYouPlanner is discovering one's potential. I'll be dedicating one post each month for my planner's monthly theme. One of my biggest discovering-your-potential-moment would be blogging, which never occurred to me when I was younger. Like most kids I dreamt of becoming a teacher or a nurse, when I was in grade school I wanted to be a scientist (I don't think it's nerdy). Going to high school was an entirely different thing I was constantly struggling on maintaining my grades because we have to in a science high school. This time I wanted to become a psychologist - understand human behavior - or take political science. On the contrary, I'm currently taking a business degree which is my third choice and I don't regret anything. I've already thought of a plan for my other choices.

On the side of blogging it was only in my third year that I got extremely interested because of Laureen Uy, I religiously read her blog but back then I wasn't really good in working with HTML (I still am not). So I was just following different blogs, and only during summer before I went to college that I finally decided to create my own. I wasn't really going for a fashion blog, I was thinking of creating an online diary where I could scream everything. Growing up I wasn't really the kikay type it's probably because I grew up with mostly boys, my cousins. I don't think I have a good fashion sense it's just that I know what works on me and what doesn't. I actually did a lot of self study to be able to learn different do's and dont's. My mom would sometimes tell me that it's already a sickness, because whenever I'm stressed I buy new clothes or I go through my closet just looking at what I have.

And to what I'm wearing: I never really thought of myself as a person who would wear black every single day, but now I do. I think it's such a happy color and of course it's never out of season. My choice of hue had always been light, because I don't have fair skin I was really afraid of wearing black or any dark colors for the fear of looking a whole lot darker than I actually am. And now I'm going gaga for it, all of my current purchases would include something black and I can't help it. Although my mom's not liking it, when I wore this she told me to stop wearing black because I'm still young I didn't get it though. I look young for my age and is always mistaken for being a high school student so I don't think that would be a problem.

Don't be afraid to try something new, because when you don't give it a shot you'll forever wonder if what could've happened. Don't always rely on the experience of others who do it, try it for yourself!

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