Classy In Floral

9:26 AM

Last Sunday I attended my friend's debut, dress code was any light colors preferably yellow. Not all yellows work on my skin so looking for the right shade, I decided not to go for plain yellow. I went for a floral romper that has yellow, orange, and blue on it which complement my skin. To make it look formal I added a white blazer (which is my friend's) for a statement and went for an orange wedge. I liked how I looked put together (in my view of course) and my hair was in a good mood so it was fine all day. I actually had a make up class which I rushed to go to and since there were only seven of us who came he dismissed us real early which was in favor for me, but it still was super hassle. Although, we did get plus 10 points on our prelim exams. :)

So far, this has got to be one of the most put-together-look I've ever done and I'm so proud of myself for that. It's a sign of improvement haha

The entire event was good, the food, music, drinks, and the time I got to spend with my high school friends.

 With the birthday girl, Denzel!

Credits to Ramon for taking all these photos, loads of thank you!!!

I love to hear what you guys think, do leave your comments! :)

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