School's A Jungle

9:38 AM

Do you sometimes wake up at 7 in the morning for your class and feel like you're just not in the mood for school? Struggling out of bed, and doing basically everything at a very slow pace? That's me every Wednesdays and Saturdays, my class starts at 10:30am and I barely I mean barely get there on time. I know wanting to extend my sleep a little longer would make the situation worse, so every morning when I wake up I do some stretching to awaken my body. I usually don't eat breakfast (which I know is bad) because I feel nauseous when I do, if I really have to I eat two boiled eggs and a banana or if I woke up hungry I eat rice in a very small amount.

Disclaimer: I'm not on any kind of diet. And I was very sabaw this day so most photos are the image of me goofing around. :)

Who else likes to be in their sleepwear all day long? I know I do. My usual sleeping outfit is a long shirt and cycling shorts/ boxers combo, others may love their PJs or night gowns.

So here's my extended-sleeping-hours-inspired outfit. Long shirt dresses are in these days especially in Korea. I don't normally go for this cuts (shapeless or straight) because I'm petite it would make me look smaller. Made an exception for this one because my mom got it for me, and it's not everyday that she buys me something like this. My mom enjoys it when I'm wearing A-line skirts, or anything from the 80s- 90s inspired outfits those are what I consider mom-approved outfits.

Some of my classmates were joking about my dress with it being a sleepwear-like they kept saying "Good morning!" I actually like this dress it's perfect for lazy days because you don't need to wear much since it's in one piece. Buying dresses that has cool prints similar to this one is a good choice, who doesn't like The Lion King?

Think about it when you go for your next shopping trip! :)

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