Endings For Better Beginnings

4:20 AM

It’s been almost a year since the last time I wrote a proper blog entry. This is actually my second account, because I wanted to start something new, fresh start it is! I had been swamped with workloads plus the constant struggle of maintaining my scholarship, and striving to get back to the Dean’s List. I’m proud to say that as I start a new chapter in my life I had achieve the two things that made me took a blogging hiatus, I have managed to maintain my scholarship for the next semester, and got it on the Dean’s Lister for the second term.

Summer's almost over, it’s mostly a staycation, so let me share with you first my pre-debut shoot. I didn’t exactly have a theme for it, so I tried to mix different decades but failed to achieve it haha I wasn’t able to pull of anything from the 20’s because I forgot the dress at home on the day of the shoot.

First, trying to pull of Monroe’s era, halter top dresses! This is an easy outfit, zero risks plus it’s one of the color combinations that you should never question, black-white-red. If you really want to go for the vintage vibe just have your hair curled, big ones, and lots of hair spray for volume. This dress is one of my favorites because it’s flowy and flirty, and the vertical stripes on the top part give the illusion of length. Wearing this also reminds me Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud and I don’t know why.

Dress- Forever21, Heels- Prestige, Watch- Fossil

You could hype my look on lookbook and vote for it on chictopia . I'd love to hear from you guys, what do you think?

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