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Hi! I'm Jaira Alis, 18 years old, taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. My interest in blogs started when I was in my junior year, it was when I made my Sundays blog-updates-checking day. It was only summer before my first year in college when I had the guts to finally start my own which was in tumblr. Confidence has always been an issue to me, so after more than a year... I'm ending this hiatus. It was really more of a self battle to finally made a decision, I'll be so disappointed with myself if I still don't make this push through. So yeah... You'll be seeing posts related to fashion (I'm really awkward in front of the camera and most shots would probably be stolen), food (as much as I want to stay in shape I also like to eat everything I like which is the point of working out, aside from being healthy lol), travels (I'm not really the adventurous kind except when it's a place to eat that we'll be hunting), DIYs if there's any that I can share with you guys probably more on planning surprises - wingman living, and I don't know.. Advice? Anything goes really. I hope you'll like it and remember that I welcome suggestions and comments. And remember, you have to be odd to be number one!

For inquiries, you could send me a message via email at jairacabiaoalis@gmail.com !

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