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As promised this month's topic from Laureen Uy's #BeTheBestYouPlanner is enhancing your skills. My favorite quote for this month is:

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not. - Unknown

It had always been a struggle for me when it comes to knowing what I'm actually good at, picking the degree that I want, and choosing the right path for myself. I always see people who's good at certain things and how they want to focus on the talent they have; has great voice becomes a singer, has jaw-dropping moves becomes a dancer, etc. Growing up without those skills made me thought of how talentless I am, what am I suppose to do?

They say everyone was born with all these skills it is only in how you nurture it that it develops well. Looking back I've always loved drawing I used to draw and paint hello kitty all the time and my dad would even buy me different types of paint, and that I really love making stories. You're probably thinking that I'm good at drawing which tbh I'm not. Pablo Picasso once said that every child is an artist and that the only problem is how one would remain an artist when he grows up. I wouldn't say that I'm a Picasso, but I know how to appreciate art. I found art on clothes, and it is now how I continue my love for art. I am my own canvas, and I paint myself with fabrics of different hues, print and texture.

And another love of mine is reading, the last book I've read aside from acads related is Caprice Crane's Confessions of a Hater. It's a story of how a girl got tired of being invicible, and took the chance to give herself a make over when she transferred to a different school. The storyline is a whole lot similar with Mean Girls, how the "It girls" adopt the new girl whom they see potential in, likes the queen b's ex boyfriend, and of course how she will hate the leader and formulate ways to get back on her for being such a bitch to everyone which will eventually lead to her being exactly like the person she hates and a whole lot worse. And in the end they realized that they may not be friends or like each other that does not mean that they should keep on hating one another.

Here's a simple tip if you really want to enhance your communication skills and even writing, read and read and read. It's cheap and I guarantee you its effectiveness.

Love to hear what you guys think about how one could enhance their skills, leave your comments! :)

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