Be Confident!

5:08 AM

"I can't do it." I can't remember how many times have I said this line. Every time I'm put in a situation that I have to do something that I'm not used to I would always say I can't without even giving it a shot. I have always lived being too cautious about my environment, I always think of the what ifs of every action I'm about to do. I always get looks whenever I step out wearing clothes that most people think are too revealing when it's not. I'm afraid of how people would judge me as to what I'm wearing because I do that, I always (in my mind) have something to say about how someone dress whether good or bad.

I believe that one should have the freedom to wear whatever they feel like. I'm tired of being too conscious of what people would say, I want to be free. Free in the sense of being able to wear a skirt, or short, or a little dress without anyone giving me a look of disgust, thinking that I'm easy, or that I being an attention-seeker. As I have said in one of my posts I found my way of expressing myself in dressing, similar to how artists cries for their freedom of expression I want to have such freedom. I used to think about all that, but I stopped caring about what people think of me based on what I'm wearing as long as I have my parents permission to wear such outfit it means it's decent.

Anyone could gain so much confidence based on what they are wearing. Your outfit doesn't have to be from an expensive boutique, it doesn't have to be from a designer's collection all you need is the right amount of confidence to pull anything off. Confidence makes you stand out, it could make anything look good. Having such a positive attitude would radiate to everyone you'd interact with.

As a student, I think confidence is being able to do what you want without having to think of what other's would say. If you don't give yourself the chance to express what you feel you're probably holding yourself back from a lot of things. Since college I have strived so hard to maintain my scholarship, and I could say with confidence that I have never ever cheated in any way just to get where I am now. I will never feel guilt for what I have accomplished because I gave my everything to be where I am now, I made it to the Dean's Listers, maintained my scholarship, and no courses to repeat. I may have struggled for a lot of time, lose hope but I never thought of cheating to achieve any of this. I'm confident in myself that through continuous hard work I could get to where I want to be! And you should too! :)

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